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center for scientific spirituality

The Center for Scientific Spirituality is a non- profit organization that endorses the movement of the real truth of existence, the Present. We aim to provide scientific enlightenment of the truth (Present). Once you understand the truth from an unbiased, purely scientific perspective you can blossom your life in the Present.

Our Mission

The ultimate reality, PRESENT, is my reward for relentlessly pursuing Spirituality and the truth behind the source of existence for more than 25 years. I have had to put my body and mind to the test in order to uncover this simple truth. But my vision is to educate all of you on this truth- PRESENT, in the fastest time span possible, through an easily comprehensible, rational and scientific manner, which prompted me to formulate Scientific Spirituality.

Dr. Shashidhara

Our Movement-

Our movement is purely scientific and transcends all man- made barriers like religion, caste, creed so that the truth (Present) finds firm roots all over the globe, paving the way for peaceful humanity that revels in the joy of their unique designs.

Our Core Values